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> > Build Roads: Costs double the terrian movement cost. Would dwarves
> in
> > hills & mountains, and elves in forest, pay a reduced price since they
> move
> > faster in such terrain? Or would they just charge more to do the work
> > balance out?
IMC, I ruled that special racial terrain movement does not affect road
building costs. A road is a road, doesn't matter how good you are at moving
through forests.

Additionally, an elven queen in my campaign who tried it was stymied when the
elven youth (students at wizard and bardic colleges :) protested with sit-ins
and even some sabotage. They claimed that building roads through forests
damaged plant life and disrupted natural migration routes. The queen dropped
the idea. (Yea! score one for the kingdom's youth :D )

- -Dustin Evermore