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    RP and granting it to other

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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    RP and granting it to other

    On Wed, 21 Apr 1999 wrote:

    > A major premise of the Giantdowns accessory is that non-regents can collect
    > regency for various acts that catch the attention of the people.
    > Irregardless, I would still require a regent to take extraordinary means (ie.
    > an action of his own) to "grant" RPs to another. Whether it be an
    > investiture or whatever, RPs shouldn't be something that can be passed along,
    > they certainly shouldn't be done secretly??

    Well, I certainly agree that it can't be done secretly. If RP represent
    some sort of "influence" over the collective opinions of a population, it
    would certainly make sense that it would have to be known to be used. But
    it would seem to me that a guilder could support a temple that was being
    contested. The Guilder announces that he personally support the Church X
    against the nefarious purposes of Church Y. All his factors in the
    marketplace start comiserating with the shoppers, saying isn't it terrible
    the things that Church Y is doing, and wouldn't it be scary if Church B
    actually won. Why, they might just have to think about moving elsewhere if
    that happened. After all, you know that they say about those Church Y
    officials. Why I heard of a man over in...

    Anyway, I guess all I'm trying to say is that I don't have a problem with
    it either way.

    Mark VanderMeulen

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