Mark A Vandermeulen wrote:
> > A province is limited in the number of trade routes it may have. Is
> > this limit the number they may start? Or the number they can be part of. (2
> > provinces(3) have a trade route between them. Can either start another
> > route?)
> I generally play that that is the number that may ORIGINATE in the
> province, and a like number may TERMINATE in the province from other
> provinces, but there's folks who differ in that opinion on the list.
> Mark VanderMeulen

Actually, I'd never thought of doing that before. It never made a whole
lot of sense to me that a large province could have trade going in and
out all the time and not make a copper off of it. I was toying with the
idea of splitting the profit between both domains instead of having only
one make any money, but I think I prefer this idea.