On Tue, 20 Apr 1999 WILLELA@aol.com wrote:

> Those wanting this discussion to stick a little closer to Birthright
> issues can correct some of my misconceptions & ignorance on the subject of
> trade routes.
> Build Roads: Costs double the terrian movement cost. Would dwarves in
> hills & mountains, and elves in forest, pay a reduced price since they move
> faster in such terrain? Or would they just charge more to do the work and
> balance out?

I would question the motives of any elves agreeing to build roads for
humans through forest, even when the forest in now held by humans. And
even if they do, and for dwarves, I would expect them to pay much better
attention to craftsmanship and detail than their human counterparts would.
So I would expect them to take just as long, but to produce a
higher-quality product (which probably doesn't make much difference to
most humans).

Don't have my Rulebook handy for answering most of your other questions,

> A province is limited in the number of trade routes it may have. Is
> this limit the number they may start? Or the number they can be part of. (2
> provinces(3) have a trade route between them. Can either start another
> route?)

I generally play that that is the number that may ORIGINATE in the
province, and a like number may TERMINATE in the province from other
provinces, but there's folks who differ in that opinion on the list.

Mark VanderMeulen