On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Craig Dalrymple wrote:

> On some other world the fabric of reality is torn for a moment from the
> shock
> of the event and a number of the combatants, and members of the supply
> trains to the battle are thrown through it by the force involved. Perhaps
> this is
> actually the last ditch effort of one of the Gods to save his/her followers,
> and
> in doing so, particiapants from all (or just some) sides get cast through as
> well.
> These people pull themselves haggardly from the ground only to discover
> that
> they are no longer on Deissmaar. At first they assume they are still
> somewhere
> on Cerilia, but as they regroup themselves and begin to draw away from the
> point(s)
> of arrival it becomes clear that This Is Not Home. It is in this same time
> of regathering
> of strength that the Bloodlines are discovered.

Excellent idea, Craig. And makes sense esp. for the Masetians--who I'm
still sad no longer exist on Cerilia. It would give us a chance to play
with that unique culture, and see how it develops on another world.

Does anyone remember the story about how the ogre-magi were once a
beautiful and powerful folk, but whose civilization fell? Perhaps these
remnant Maselans were those progenitors? I know I could make an
interesting story out of that.

> p.s. If there is some interest, I can post the setting that this idea worked
> itself
> around while I drove through Chicago today. :) It can give an idea of just
> what
> could be done with this idea.

If we could impose upon you to turn your musing into type, I would LOVE to
see your ideas.

(interesting...I come up with some of my best ideas while driving, too.)

Mark VanderMeulen