Those wanting this discussion to stick a little closer to Birthright
issues can correct some of my misconceptions & ignorance on the subject of
trade routes.

Build Roads: Costs double the terrian movement cost. Would dwarves in
hills & mountains, and elves in forest, pay a reduced price since they move
faster in such terrain? Or would they just charge more to do the work and
balance out?
cost: Going from plain [1] to mountain [3]. we pay a total of 8?
[1+3=4x2]. Is this just the one road? or are both provinces deemed roaded?
Now if we added a road to a hills[2] to the plains, we would pay 4? or 6?

Trade routes: Does anybody have a list of what provinces are deemed
which terrain? If the map is used, what to classify provinces with several
terrain symbols?
Can a regent make a trade route into a province where another regent
holds the guilds? Does this require successful diplomacy? Do such regents
just split the proceeds? make a deal? All the coin goes to the one who made
the route?
A province is limited in the number of trade routes it may have. Is
this limit the number they may start? Or the number they can be part of. (2
provinces(3) have a trade route between them. Can either start another
Thanks for your help.
David Argall