I had this idea in the car today and it drew me away from my productive
on my actual campaign. I am curious if others have pondered or done such a
thing on their own, and if so, how did it work out???

Imagine the following:

The tramatic battlescape of Mt. Deissmaar at the moment that the Gods
destroyed themselves. The very fabric of the world and PRIME are torn
to shreds as the Mana of the Gods shrapnels most everything and everyone
in it's path. In Cerilia there are a few scattered survivors who stagger
home and set forth the actions that give us the history for Cerilia as we

On some other world the fabric of reality is torn for a moment from the
of the event and a number of the combatants, and members of the supply
trains to the battle are thrown through it by the force involved. Perhaps
this is
actually the last ditch effort of one of the Gods to save his/her followers,
in doing so, particiapants from all (or just some) sides get cast through as

These people pull themselves haggardly from the ground only to discover
they are no longer on Deissmaar. At first they assume they are still
on Cerilia, but as they regroup themselves and begin to draw away from the
of arrival it becomes clear that This Is Not Home. It is in this same time
of regathering
of strength that the Bloodlines are discovered.

What we would have here is a much smaller population of peoples, mostly of
warrior sort, whom are now trapped on another world. They would still have
bloodlines and would even belive in the OLD DEAD GODS!! As they were not
on Cerilia to witness the ascension of the new gods of Cerilia.

In addition there might be some native and non-Cerlilian beings on this new
world who might either welcome the newcomers or seek to eliminate or enslave
them. This would be a great way to bring in the things that never really fit
a "standard" feeling BR game without destroying the uniqueness of Cerilia.

The entire campaign could be one of discovery and conquest; or perhaps a
desperate search for a means to return to Cerilia before the indigenous
beings enslave the Cerilians for all time.

To me this is a fascinating idea. It's one in which I would get to develop
an entire
setting based on the structures/rules/histories of the best campaign setting
produced by TSR while still being able to design the entire landscape in
the players reside. The downside is that there would be no product to draw
for this NEW world, the upside being that there is no product to hold me
back or
give the players misconceptions. It's all mine baby!

Egotism aside, this would also be a great way to bring Birthright ideas into
existing setting; official or home based. The Cerilians could get dumped in
very remote part of the world and interact amongst themselves undetected
for centuries before being discovered by the Marco Polo's of the world.

What do y'all think of this idea??


p.s. If there is some interest, I can post the setting that this idea worked
around while I drove through Chicago today. :) It can give an idea of just
could be done with this idea.