To get my players more 'into' the character development of their PC, I get
them to keep a diary or similar, written in character of their exploits to
date. To ensure that it is kept up to date and they don't just use it as a one
off, an up to date diary at the beginning of a session equals a 5% bonus on XP
at the end of that session.

Another method, also used by my current group is to play the characters one
on one until they have reached at least 2nd level.

Dubhghaill (Doyle)

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>the Falcon wrote:
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>> > I encourage people to get very attached to their characters,
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>> A little question to Alaric:
>> Exactly how do you encourage this?
>> I'd really like to know, cause I feel my campaign would really benefit
>> from a little more attachment from the players to their characters...
>Well, a certain amount of it is out of campaign, just telling them that
>everything works better if they stick with characters. The bigger aspect
>is when I have them make characters I also expect a write up on various
>things about the character (looks, general personality, quirks, goals,
>essentially their character vision). That way, I work with them in what
>they want to do with the character and try to help them along. Also, I
>feel that since they know that I won't kill them without a certain
>amount of reason, they don't feel like it's a waste of time getting into
>the character. Other than that, I try to do some roleplaying outside of
>the sessions with some of them individually, to help them get a feel for
>their characters (I don't know if it works for them, but that's what
>always gets me involved, as a player). Really, sometimes it works, and
>sometimes it doesn't. But I do what I can. I'd like to hear other
>peoples' ideas on involvement, both from a player and DM perspective
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