the Falcon wrote:
> *snip*
> > For a DM to exploit weaknesses and oversights is generally
> > very easy, even with extraordinarily powerful characters.
> Perhaps, but it doesn't really make for happy roleplayin...

That's more or less the point I was intending to make. It's not a DM vs.
player issue; if it was, there wouldn't be any contest. Everyone's
working together to have fun, and I think that's more the bottom line
than anything else. I would be more than willing to have all of my
players be 20th level with godlike stats and equipment to match, if
that's what they really wanted to play. My only requirements for
roleplaying are that there is challenge for the players (not necessarily
physical challenge, anything that makes the group think and sweat a
little is good enough) and that there is opportunity to advance (again,
any sort of advancement will do). For example, IMC one of my players was
very close to achieving some form of godhood (that is, he had almost
everything but a way around the level restriction). I would have more or
less halted his character advancement, but he would have remained with
the party (had he so wished) as an avatar. Obviously, his avatar
wouldn't have been all that powerful (probably around 14th, within the
limits of my campaign), and wouldn't have gained power unless the god
himself jumped up dramatically. So the opportunity for gain would have
changed around a little.
Now here's a question, if this character had attained godhood, he
wouldn't have been a member of the Cerilian pantheon (due to other
factors). However, have any of you ascended additional members to the
divine crowd? Either former-PC or otherwise. I'm interested in hearing