the Falcon wrote:
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> > I encourage people to get very attached to their characters,
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> A little question to Alaric:
> Exactly how do you encourage this?
> I'd really like to know, cause I feel my campaign would really benefit
> from a little more attachment from the players to their characters...

Well, a certain amount of it is out of campaign, just telling them that
everything works better if they stick with characters. The bigger aspect
is when I have them make characters I also expect a write up on various
things about the character (looks, general personality, quirks, goals,
essentially their character vision). That way, I work with them in what
they want to do with the character and try to help them along. Also, I
feel that since they know that I won't kill them without a certain
amount of reason, they don't feel like it's a waste of time getting into
the character. Other than that, I try to do some roleplaying outside of
the sessions with some of them individually, to help them get a feel for
their characters (I don't know if it works for them, but that's what
always gets me involved, as a player). Really, sometimes it works, and
sometimes it doesn't. But I do what I can. I'd like to hear other
peoples' ideas on involvement, both from a player and DM perspective