>> I encourage people to get very attached to their characters,

> Exactly how do you encourage this?

>I'd really like to know, cause I feel my campaign would really benefit
>from a little more attachment from the players to their characters...

If it was me trying to get some attachment...I'd certainly not listen to
the people who were talking about how soft some GMs are...because no one
wants to get attached to a character that's going to die next week anyway.
Someone commented about how it's only a piece of paper. Definitely not
the type of group that would ever get attached to a character...and for
me...if I had characters die all the time...I would get tired of playing new
A thought for you though...try running a game with less predetermined (by
you) story...involve the players/characters and make the story go a
direction that they want...get them involved in the world...and make what
they do important to the world...