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    > The only problem I have with this, is that it would seem to violate the
    > god's "agreement" that they will never again fully manifest on the
    > Cerilian plane. It would seem to me that a god would require
    > in order to reproduce. Thus, it would seem to me that the only way that
    > this would really happen would be a.) a god decided to "ignore" his/her
    > oath not to manifest (and I agree that Belenik might be most likely to do
    > this, but you could make a case for any god with "evil" or "chaotic" in
    > their alignment description), or b.) if a mortal 'ascended' to the god's
    > spiritual (planar) realm, either by his/her own whim and effort or by the
    > god's invitation/summoning. In either case, I would think this would be a
    > VERY RARE event. Such individuals might be considered "saints" by their
    > respective religions.

    Speaking of Saints...
    It has been 1500 years since the Battle of Deismaar and the birth of the
    new Gods. They are worshiped for more than a milennium now. Isn´t it
    possible that a few (tens, hundreds...) of mortals have followed lives so
    faithfull and true to their Gods´ways that they were acclaimed as saints by
    their religions?
    If think so... do they REALLY become saints or is it just legend?
    And if they do become saints are they capable of being patrons of soe of
    their god´s followers granting them some sort of bonus?
    (Ex.: priests of an IHH monastery who are patroned (sp?) by a paladin who
    faithfully seved the IHH and Haelyn 600 years ago -(I´m not sure the IHH is
    600 years old but that is irrelevant right now) - as a bonus from their
    patron they use the fighter thac0 progression instead of the priest one.
    Drawback - they must respect all the tenents of Haelyn´s (IHH´s to be
    specific) paladinhood.)

    César Manta
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    In a message dated 04/19/99 11:46:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time,


    Founded around the beginning of the fourth century MR.

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    Daniel McSorley


    > 600 years old >>
    >Founded around the beginning of the fourth century MR.
    That's nonsense. 0 MR is -515 Haelyn Count, so around 200 years before
    Haelyn became a deity (or was even born), there was a splinter church
    devoted to him?
    - --
    Daniel McSorley-

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    Daniel McSorley


    From: Daniel McSorley
    > That's nonsense. 0 MR is -515 Haelyn Count, so around 200 years before
    >Haelyn became a deity (or was even born), there was a splinter church
    >devoted to him?
    Yeah, I'm a moron, MR is Michaeline, not Masetian. Kick me now. Guess I
    spent too much time in computer classes today, and not enough playing
    Birthright :)
    - --
    Daniel McSorley-

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