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> play, bring him a nice pie or other baked good, and congratulate him on a
> well done. Keep him nice, because if he ever enters into the realm of
> deathdefying RPGing then you will wish for the old days. It is best to keep
> him soft, so keep those foods coming his way!
> >>
> I believe that this is supposed ta be a friendly board. This seems ta be
>getting a bit like mud slinging....
> The discussion so far has been good, so lets not get personal...
> Blastin
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That's a very good point Blastin. It is supposed to be friendly, but then
again it is also supposed to be BR related and this discussion hasn't
contained even a hint of BR related information or discussion pretty much
since it began. The training thread has been much the same. I downloaded 23
pieces of BR email this morning. Two were on the Son of Belinik thread
which thankfully is BR related. The rest were all on this thread or the
training one. Of those 21 emails on this experience thread and on the
training thread, only one by Gary Foss even attempted to have any BR
relevance. Thank you Gary!

What's my point? This is supposed to be a BR list, not a list for general
AD&D or roleplaying concerns. No matter how good a discussion is, if it is
not BR related, it is off topic for this list. No, I am not a list
moderator, but when 90% or more of the posts to this list have no BR
relevance, isn't it time that some one pointed out the problem?

Thank you.

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