This was my still ongoing Campaign
Basically the PC's were all descendants of a single familial bloodline (not
Regent bloodline)

The original Bloodline was Anuirean originally a Captain of a an Elite
Cavalry he parlayed his minor noble title and his Cavalry "The Lightning"
into a land grant on the Isle of Caelcorwyn, once gaining this land he
granted minor noble titles to his Cavalry members and claimed himself King.
The Anueriens tried to reclaim this island but "the Lion" as he was called
parlayed his military on land into stunning victories on the Seas eventually
winning his Kingship... His Great Great Grandchildren were the only direct
blood left (that weren't already considered non-heirs by tests laid in place
by the current Kings advisor)
The original list were
Fhiele and her brother Anuvier

The simbol of the Kindgom of Caelcorwyn was an Argent lion Rampant on sable
shield with a lightning passant? (I am not sure if thats the right term)

The capital of Caelcorwyn was a Keep known as Kingscrown....the King
Alldrwyn was dying when the teenage cousins were called together (patially
for their safety since something was assasinating their family members)
They were sent to Ironheart, a Keep in the center of the isle which had
stood since the First Exodus (it had been build my a Masetian Wizard) on the
edge of the Silaelthe' forest. The king planned to have them trained to
defend themselves as well as oversee the construction of greater defenses at
Ironheart (Orogs in the hills were a constant threat)
They were overseen by Chancellor Rhys..
All were 0 level but one who was an appointed Guardian ( a Dwarven Warrior
whose family owed a great debt to "the Lion" from his Captaincy days)
the Dwarf was a 1st level Warrior unblooded.

Orogs of the Ankharach Clan/tribe were searching for something in the hills
(and one major mountain on the isle) an Axe of reputed magical powers, they
ended up attacking the players while they were in a small village overseeing
transit of construction material to the Keep
the players and guards manage to destroy them but discover a missive
indicating their search for the axe (which the Dwarf had hear of having been
the weapon of an ancestor) The players decide to go into the hills (well
most of them) Anuvier is slain while in the forest alone and Jhaerdhe
discovers the Wizards lab hidden in the Hedge Maze in the Keeps garden (the
fountain was "dry" one of its decorations was a switch that when turned the
fountain into a stairway which spiraled down into caverns deep beneath the
castle) They find his lab and his "Homunculi" which aid Jhaerdhe in locating
his "books" (Jhaerdhe wanted to be a Wizard)

Jhaerdhe and the Homunculi search for various things in the records while
the others are out in the Hills and the Guards are searching for Anuvier.

Three go to search the hills
Dietric, Fhiele, the Dwarf Algrymn
Fhiele is separated from them before reach the hills and is attacked by an
assassin (a 2nd level thief actually specialized in murder) whose brecht
descent and blooded ability to make himself look like anyone gives him the
name Doppelganger, a very lucky blow by Fhiele and he is slain, pierced
through the heart in fact and Fhiele adds his Azrai bloodline to her own
blood (Anduiras)

and discover a sleeping Dragon, awakening and nearly collapsing the caves
on them. WHen they escape they find the axe battle a few Orogs here and
there over the course of three days one escapes an Orog shaman/priest who
will return to plague them later. The dragon having clambored to the top of
a mountain and revealing the orogs major hold built atop the mountain gives
the players a deal, he will let them live if they can answer a riddle--he
gives them a year to answer it and tells them if it is not answered he will
slay every man woman and child on the island, then hunt them down and slay
them as well if they are not on the island...he is Dhumshadhe (fill name
Dhamoshaodhielidharus--"Doom' shadow' a young dragon when Deismaar exploded
before him with Godly fire.
Dhumshadhe is blooded his shadow being blooded by Azrai will slay anything
it falls across, he shows the heroes by stretching a wing out and letting it
fall on the Orogs which survived.....they dies screaming (except the Shaman
who leaps off the mountain to save his own hide) and they leave the mountain
(named Thal Dhum or the Home of Doom)
During their escape from the Mountain and other Orogs harrassing them that
tare escaping the Dragon they are attacked and Deitric and Algrym nearly
fall to their death Fhiele saves them but her blood expresses itself,
needing strength (at the time a 8!) she cannot hold the Dwarf and her cousin
and so her cry combined with the new and tainted bloodline running through
gives her the strength and reshapes her--giving her hoooves and horse like
legs--much like a Satyr, before the make it back to the keep her blood
continues to change her till she is a small centaur in form..

More to come....

(and if anyone wants Stats I can post the current ones as well since this
Menagerie is wondering the Mainland of Cerilia now trying to build an army)