> Bob Cauthon Wrote:
> > While there are many styles of play, it has been my experience,
> > it be "low" of "high" style, that choosing the route of having the pcs
> > pitted against more powerful foes continually is self-defeating and
> > nonsensical. It becomes a matter of continual escalation, which is
> > hard for the gm to keep doing. It also becomes frustrating for the gm to
> > create such scenarios over and over.
> You are, of course, correct, but I didn't mean to pit the PCs against foes
> powerful than themselves. I meant that PCs with higher stats are more
> and thus to balance things you have them face more powerful foes than
those with
> lower stats.
> Mathieu

My apologies for misunderstanding your words. I believe I see part of
your point, but the one statement above puzzles me. Is that not a form of
escalation? Note that I agree with you about playing styles having an impact
on what is done in a rpg campaign. It just seems that the "example" you have
given is somwhat, but not wholly, indicative of escalation. Perhaps I am
misunderstanding you yet again.