Sidhain wrote:

> Not true someone already extremely gifted isn't as notable as someone who
> is not who succeeds at a great task. For example if your playing the child
> of a Deity it would be expected for you to do great and wondrous things and
> so you are not greater than the "gifts" you were born with but if an
> everyday farmer did the same thing then indeed it is a great deed..
> Look at Superman vs Batman...Superman is great because of his powers and
> advantages over humankind Batman is a human completely no superpowers no
> nothing his deeds are greater because he cannot do what Superman does with
> ease...
> Whose the greater hero the one who brush off bullets or arrows, or the one
> knowing bullets and arrows can slay him but does heroic deeds anyway.

Well, that would be why Superman fights star-spanning aliens, while Batman
contents himself with more down-to-earth problems. Each goes for the utmost
that he is capable of handling. And thus each, in his way, is a hero.