And to go along with the agument that was brought up before..look at the
villians each of these heros think Batman could do much
against the guys Superman has to deal with on a daily basis? Maybe, but
eventually, he'd go down...fits very well with the concept that its the
DMs job to challence players...if your players have good stats, and things
would be easier, step it up..make situations where the stats can't help
ya...its the player who makes tha character, not the stats..bad players
may live longer with high stat chareacters, but they don't play them any

Come to my campaign some time..I play with a group of guys who LOVE to
play the game...most of them are lousy roleplayers, abut they don't care.
Their low stat characters die at an amazing rate, and it ends up they have
no, the few guys who are good roleplayers generally end up with
pretty good stats (I use 4d6 for everyone, to keep the attrition rate
down), but it doesn't affect their roleplaying in the least....and ican
still challenge them..make em use their brains, not that 18 INT the mage


> Not true someone already extremely gifted isn't as notable as someone who
> is not who succeeds at a great task. For example if your playing the child
> of a Deity it would be expected for you to do great and wondrous things and
> so you are not greater than the "gifts" you were born with but if an
> everyday farmer did the same thing then indeed it is a great deed..
> Look at Superman vs Batman...Superman is great because of his powers and
> advantages over humankind Batman is a human completely no superpowers no
> nothing his deeds are greater because he cannot do what Superman does with
> ease...
> Whose the greater hero the one who brush off bullets or arrows, or the one
> knowing bullets and arrows can slay him but does heroic deeds anyway.
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