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    Originally posted by Duane
    If we are seriously looking at increasing the benefits of trade routes (and complexity) here is something to consider - troop maintenance. If there is a trade route connecting the home province and the troop ase then the maintenance of troops could very easily be reduced since supplies can be used or accompany the trade goods.
    This actually brings up something else I was thinking of, for an entirely different section. Supply lines for armies do need to be considered. That has traditionally been a crucial factor in war, and many great armies were defeated because the supply lines were cut. This is of course entirely left out by the BRCS.

    In order for a unit to be supplied the realm needs to have some sort of connection to them. This connection must be realms which have either an alliance, vassalage or seperate supply agreements. This connection can extend across water, but then must include friendly ports. If it extends across water, then ships must be used to transport the supplies. A unit has enough goods to survive to the end of the season. Pillaging of a holding or province can also be used to provide upkeep for the soldiers in the field, at a rate equal to the GB's that would be generated from the pillaging. Another realm can provide the upkeep, but then must pay the cost from their own treasury.

    Units which do not recieve their supplies will take a hit and a -2 morale every month, until the supply lines are reestablished.

    Supplies are not the same as troop pay. Troop pay is half the upkeep cost when in the home province, but only 1/4 when outside the home province. When soldiers are within their home realm and upkeep is not paid, act according to already established rules. They have a tendency to desert, but do not take the other penalties, since they can at least get food to survive within the friendly provinces.

    A great example of how this would work, would be if the Gorgon were to attack Dhoesone. Southern realms unite, and send a joint force to save the realm. Once they arrive they immediately start to drive the Gorgons forces back. But then Thurazor sends out two forces. One captures Dhoesones port, the other Mhelviene in Cariele. All of the sudden their is no land or sea connection to Dhoesone. Dhoesone can try to supply all of the forces itself, but should it run out of money or the land or sea route is not reestablished then all the soldiers would begin to take damage and morale penalties. The one other option is for the Southern forces to pillage Dhoesones provinces, but that would slow them down and they would most likely have to spread out, as one province couldn't support them all. This would provide a great oppurtunity for the Gorgons forces to pick them off seperately. Even if they manage to survive, Dhoesone may well take more damage from the Allies than from the Gorgons armies.

    Their should also be some special rules for Scout units in undeveloped provinces
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    I like your suply line rule

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