> I don't think having low stats is a sign of a player's "wits", or that a
> who prefers high stats is worthless. Characters with high stats certainly
> better survival chances against things that challenge their
> cousins; but if you don't like it, just up the ante and make them face
> dangerous stuff.
> Mathieu

I will not get into the other things that have been mentioned, as that
falls into what I see as personal playing styles, which is incredibly
subjective, and difficult to mesh with conflicting likes/dislikes.
The statement by Mathieu above is valid and I agree in general with him
in effect. What I disagree with is his last sentence, specifically the "face
more dangerous stuff." Note this is a disagreement, and not a criticism.
While there are many styles of play, it has been my experience, whether
it be "low" of "high" style, that choosing the route of having the pcs be
pitted against more powerful foes continually is self-defeating and somewhat
nonsensical. It becomes a matter of continual escalation, which is extremely
hard for the gm to keep doing. It also becomes frustrating for the gm to
create such scenarios over and over.