>I beg to differ. I played a wizard with fairly low stats in a 1st-level
game. He
>survived and did fairly well, but I was having little fun, so I rolled a
>character, got high stats, and made him multi-classed. The other characters
>3rd level by then, but this 1st-level character did more than the rest of
>and I had a lot more fun.

Aye and more likely to tend toward Monty Haul...
I am not sayin it did or you did just that role-playing isn't about always
beign the best in a given vein sometimes its the struggle to earn that
ability that makes the story/game good...and if you didn't have fun as a
"poor" stat pc in a game where he survived and layed his role Id say one of
two things, one the DM was not very good, he didn't give you challenges to
fit yur pc and entertain you or that you handicapped yourself by deciding
you couldn't have fun with this pc because he wasn't the end all be all in
the attribute department (which is a sign of Munchkinism--but not proof I am
not accusing you of that just pointing out most Munchkins look at it the
same way as you--thats not always bad, but neighter is it good, depends a
lot on undreds of other things that I don't know so I reserve judgement on
al but this one area)

I have made thousands of pc's for myself over the years and had soem
phenomally well endowed and some not so endowed sttribute wise, and the the
fun I had had less to do with the pc's abilities, but how they were used and
how they fit the campaign.....I had more fun in a recent game using a
psionic;y endowed character win a Magical sword from the "evil wizard"
(actually a poor Mage who was insane...) by tricking him than fighting him,
I used didn't have to rely on an attribute...just a small talent (I could
telekinettically levitate a pebble) and I don't think that pc had attributes
over 15 at all....
I thin I had the bare minimum to be a Psionic...

Sometimes its the "role" not the attribute...

>I don't think having low stats is a sign of a player's "wits", or that a
>who prefers high stats is worthless. Characters with high stats certainly
>better survival chances against things that challenge their
>cousins; but if you don't like it, just up the ante and make them face more
>dangerous stuff.
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