Sidhain wrote:

> Nothing Wrong with High Stats, as long as they are obtained legitimately and
> are there for rare i.e. because they are a random roll. However I think thar
> bringing up TSR Forgotten Realms, or 90% of the published NPCS put out by
> TSR is like proving my point, they write up much higher than they should be
> because of the premise of trying to make the NPC's hard to kill because they
> still suffer the impression that many gamers like to massacre the NPCS just
> to see if they can do that...

After reading the novels and looking at the stats proposed by TSR for these
characters, I'd say the novels certainly give the impression that the characters
having such high stats. Salvatore is the worst offender, but nearly all novel
characters presented in TSR novels would have high stats and fairly high levels.
It's even expected, since these people are heroes. Significant Birthright NPCs
have similarly high stats -- at least the ones in the boxed set do.

> These days I would prefer other systems other than AD&D even GURPS for
> Birthright (and no I don't use Random Attributes for those games) I do
> however have a random roll to determine starting points (a percentage of the
> max allowed)

That sounds a lot like rolling to see if your character starts at 1st, 2nd, or
3rd level. Why should some PCs be more powerful than others?