Hello all,
Just wanted to plug my website.
Its over at:


I have many AD&D files that i have collected over the years.
And i finally got around and put them up on a site for all to use and enjoy.
Here is a list of things available on my site.
The most important part, a BR section with some home brew stuff and news
on my current campaign that i DM.
There is a Monsters page with net creations.
A Font page with some types of fantasy fonts.
A classes page with all kings of kits and classes for PC and NPC's.
A Spells page that's all net created
Theres the Netbook page, with a couple dozen books for downloading.
A DM section with programs, hints and charts to help with a campaign.
A adventure section that houses many modules of all levels.
A page with all new magic items to use.
I have a RPG pics page, but that is under construction.
A page about me, also under construction.
I plan to add more as i can.
lastly is my links page, which has many rpg links for AD&D, BR,
RIFTS. There is also links for the following:
Spellfire, Star Fleet Battles, Doom
Duke Nukem, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Red Alert, Shadow Warrior and other RPG
and computer games

As i state in my website, I don't claim to have created these wonderful
accessories to the AD&D game. I am just posting my collection in hopes
it enhances the game for others. If your work is the, and you wish it to be
removed, I'll do so, just let me know.

Enjoy and happy gaming!