I'm resending this, since I got an error last time I tried to send it..sorry if
I'm double posting.

I guess it's ok to discuss this, now that it's all WotC.
I was just curious, have any of you DMs out there used or looked at using The
Primal Order with respect to Birthright or AD&D. In case you don't know, TPO is a

WotC product dealing with a system for gods. It deals with issues relating to
power levels, structure of the pantheons, and basically a quantifying system for
all things divine (essentially, it's a system for running gods, either in a
mortal or divine campaign). I know that AD&D has pretty much defined everything
in their terms, but some stuff is still left fuzzy enough that I like using the
other system when I need to fill in gaps. Also, I realize that most of you aren't

running campaigns of the power levels where the players deal with Proxies or
Avatars, much less the Gods themselves, but I'd like to hear if any of you have
actually had your players come up face to face with the Big Men (and Women)
themselves. I've been using it for awhile, and it helps a whole lot with the
behind the scenes stuff, when I want to have some idea what can and can't be

Thx for your input,