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    There are a couple of things that have come recently that need to be looked at I think, or at least explained a little better for the revised BRCS.

    1. Ceremonies.

    There is some confusions between Divestiture and Transfer. This came up recently in a pbem I'm playing in. The specific problem is which form of ceremony to use when you want to transfer over the entire domain of magically controlled regent (thus willing).

    If you go by the information from the Book of Priestcraft then it is a Coronaton (charmed regent abdicates his rule), however the BRCS is not so clear. It could be either Divestiture or Transfer and you could make a case for either being the one to use.

    The original BR rules were clearer.

    - Willingly tranfer rule to another regent
    - Designated heir confirms rule
    - Claim unclaimed provinces

    - Designate your heir
    - Change heir

    - Willingly transfer part of domain to another regent
    - Doesn't need priest for guild/source holdings

    - Create vassalage agreement (transfer RP between regents)

    - Claim contested holdings/provinces
    - Strip domain from unwilling capture regent

    Bloodline Investiture
    - Transfer bloodline willingly
    - Strip bloodline from unwilling victim

    Another problem with the ceremony action seems to be the cost and success chances for various types. As a rough guide to determining the success roll if the ceremony involves willing participants then success is automatic. Divestiture is automatic if the victim allows it to happen.
    For the cost it should be something like 1 GB + 1 RP/pt of domain power to claim uncontrolled domains or divest someone, but just 1 GB for recognition and coronation ceremonies where both regents are present and willing participants.

    This would create a little more cohesion in the rules. As it is, it is difficult to tell exactly which type of ceremony to use.

    2. Death of Regent & Holdings

    Another question that has arisen is what happens to a regent's domain after he dies without designating an heir. Obviously any provinces he controlled become uncontrolled and can be claimed by whoever takes over. But what happens to his holdings? Do they also become uncontrolled or do they simple disipate?
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    Agreed as far as the list of ceremonies and the cost of 1GB+1RP per point of domain to be transfered/stripped. Your second issue is what interests me. The way that my GM and fellow players have agreed as useful is that all holdings go uncontrolled upon a regents death, these holding can then be claimed much like an unclaimed piece of property. However, these holdings reduce by one point per month that passes if no one claims. This loss of levels is arrested if and when the holdings are claimed.

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    "Another question that has arisen is what happens to a

    regent`s domain after he dies without designating an

    heir. Obviously any provinces he controlled become

    uncontrolled and can be claimed by whoever takes over.

    But what happens to his holdings? Do they also become

    uncontrolled or do they simple disipate?"

    Well, I kind of favor the idea that every time a new

    regent needs to be selected for any reason, a sort of

    domain challenge happens which can take many weeks or

    even years. Obviously, the heir and any direct blood

    would have the strongest claim, and thus get huge

    benefits in the claim. The next would be he who

    controlled the most law holdings, and such.

    I also like the idea of Regency being able to help

    influence the outcome of such a check, so that various

    regents could vie control of the provinces, or

    otherwise determines who to back by investing RP.

    If the victory is not an overwhelming one, either

    nothing happens and the provinces are lawless, or the

    domain is temporarily under the control of multiple

    regents for a season with RP trickling to each of


    Furthermore, diplomacy actions and adventure actions

    could earn RP and GB which would be very useful in

    making your claim to the throne.

    It also helps explain realms like Osuerde with the

    true prince in hiding while a usurper holds the

    throne; a situation very difficult to attain in a game

    mechanic where provinces will automatically transfer

    control to the true heir...

    A regent can still declare his heir, i.e., who he will

    support and expects everyone loyal to him to support,

    but it is no guarantee. Not by a long shot.


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