I'm running a big adventure soon in my RL game and I wanted to know if
anyone has created any information on the things/areas that will be
used. They are:

- -The College of Sorcery - Looking for maps
- -Eastern Diem Keep, home of the Vestement of Defense, Archprelate
- -The Seadrake's underwater home as well as the rest of Baregos (the
natives, maps, etc.)
- -The sword Haelyn used at Diesmaar (to go with Haelyn's Rampart)

STORY BACKGROUND (For those who want to read it):
The Cold Rider (aka the "big missing part of Azrai's godly essence, what
the new gods and scions/awnsheglien didn't get") is invading the
Southern Coast (Diemed) via the Spiderfell with the Spider's help.
Avanaele, Nesiere, Haelyn, and Rounil are all working to aid the heros
(PCs) who are destined to be the ones to defeat the Cold Rider for
unknown reasons. The gods tell each of the three heros where to find
the stuff they need ( Haelyn's sword on Baragos, the Vestement of
Defense in the keep, and some as of yet unknown item in the CoS ruins)
and give them a blessing to help (for example: Nesiere grants the party
Waterbreathing while they try to find Haelyn's Sword in Baragos).