Hey all,

I'm working on the first of a series of net sourcebooks on various realms
around Cerilia. My first one will be Coeranys... mostly cause I've always
wanted to work on it.

I'll post it sometime in the next week I'd imagine. But while I finish
work on it, I'd like to ask two things:
1) I've been using a variety of books and adventures, incl. the box set,
Blood Enemies, Thw Sword of Roele adventure, "The Iron Throne" novel, The
book of Priestcraft, and the Naval Rules, but I was wondering if anyone
has seen any other mention of Coeranys in supplements/magazines. I've
been trying to incorporate some netbook ideas also in the sourcebook.

2) I was looking for online Coeranys information, and ran across an
outdated link to Coeranys information that might be used for a sourcebook.
This page was gone when I looked for it. Does anyone know anything about
this sourcebook online, or was it scrapped, or moved?

Thanks all... I'll get a URL to download the sourcebook when possible.