I am not sure if anyone wants to take the approach that I did....
Anyway, in my setting, there was a "Creator" or "Overpower". His first
creation are what the present people called "Gods". His second set of
creations are the character races such as Elves, Dwarves, Humans etc...
each is favored by one of the "Gods".

This was actually used in a non-birthright setting, but could easily
apply to Cerillia as well. The idea is to have each of the PC's take on
the roll of one of the initial children of the creator. So basically
the PC's play a short campaign, that dictates the porfolio's and
relative hierarchy that the campaign will live with. Of course, the DM
can make alterations upon the results to show the results of time's
passage... Of course, this could drastically alter the flavor and
setting of Birthright, but if one was up to the challenge, and nothing
new was coming out for birthright, this would not clash with a future

I am not sure if I'll try it with birthright, but I it worked well in
the setting of my own...

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