My current Birthright campaign takes place in the lands of the Khinasi,
or to be more specific in Khourane and surrounding area. Partly due to
the influence of the PC's there has started a civil war in Djafra and
el-Sheighul is planning to use this for an all out attack on this
nation. Since I am going to use El-Sheighul and his servants, I have
gotten an interest in the ghuls of Al-Qadim and their magic. I am not
sure if I want to use them, but before I can judge that, I need to know
more about them. It might add some more Arabic flavor to my campaign. Of
coarse, there is no information on these creatures in the shops, so my
question would be:

Does anyone of you has got detailed information on the ghul (MC sheet
from Al-Qadim monsters maybe?) and their magic (I think it is in the
Shairs Handbook)?

If so, could you scan them and send it to me? I would highly appriciate

Pieter Sleijpen