Perhaps the PC should come back with the bloodline at a strength lower with
bloodpoints of 0. Hence the player has no abilities until he/she has managed
to gain at least one bloodpoint through bloodtheft or whatever.


>hey, this just tipped off another relevant question. I know this
>has come up
>on the list before, but some people have come and others left. If a blooded
>character is killed via bloodtheft, and somehow resurrected or
>reincarnated (I
>know, this would be extremely rare) what do you do? Give him his bloodline
>back or make him a commoner? This came up once in my campaign and
>I told the
>unlucky PC he needed to steal it back, now sadly much reduced!
>That's because
>I'm a cruel bastard. Incidently, it was another PC that did it.
>It didn't do
>much for party unity. ;)
>-Dustin "Bloodthief" Evermore
>P.S. try not to stick me, too, in the process.
what! Oh, you mean the knife... it's just the eating dagger I always carry :~)