On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Jim Cooper wrote:

> We all know when a scion dies by piercing the heart that there is a
> nifty lightshow that happens as a result. Well, in keeping with my pet
> preference that the various derivations imbue certain traits and
> characteristics to their possessors, I extended this idea IMC to include
> the death of the scions. (I don't know why I didn't think of this
> before!) Now the lightshow (or, more correctly, the *type* of
> lightshow) depends on the derivation of the former scion and the
> alignment of the bloodthief. Here is what I think - how 'bout the rest
> of you?

Nice atmospheric additions to the game, Darren. I like them. Especially
the way that the inherent tendencies in the blood "carry over" for a time
until they are fully incorporated into the new blood derivation. This
gives me a reason to role-play the "devil-on-the-shoulder" voice of
temptation that I use when bloodtheft occurs on an awnshegh or other scion
of Azrai. Any idea how long the effects should last? A thought I had was
one day per point assumed. Or perhaps in the case of blood theft each day
a roll is made to determine whether one point is "encorporated" or
successfully resists. This could be either a 50:50 chance, or perhaps
weighted by the relative strengths of the two bloodlines. Additional
bonuses or penalties can be assessed based on the behavior of the
character. This might help explain why bloodtheft of awnsheghlein often
leads to the slayer becoming awnshegh him/herself. If they get a big
enough dose of Azrai's blood it becomes harder and harder to fight down.

Mark VanderMeulen