Hi all:

I finished playing my weekly session today, and a cool idea about
bloodlines popped into my head during the climatic battle. I thought I
would pass it by all you guys & gals to see what you think! That is, if
I may diverge all you flighty faerie men from your discussions about
your preferences for, and the differences between, the trees in the
Erebannien and the Spiderfell ...


(Heh. Joke! Joke! It was a joke! Really! :) Okay, seriously ...)

We all know when a scion dies by piercing the heart that there is a
nifty lightshow that happens as a result. Well, in keeping with my pet
preference that the various derivations imbue certain traits and
characteristics to their possessors, I extended this idea IMC to include
the death of the scions. (I don't know why I didn't think of this
before!) Now the lightshow (or, more correctly, the *type* of
lightshow) depends on the derivation of the former scion and the
alignment of the bloodthief. Here is what I think - how 'bout the rest
of you?

Death of Scions and Bloodtheft:

- Anduiras: The scion's bloodpower leaves the body in a soft golden
glow, rising skyward to gently fade away into the heavens (or, if
bloodtheft occurs, the recipient is briefly surrounded by a golden halo
of light. The recipient feels energetic, yet warm and comforted for a
long while afterwards. If the bloodthief is of evil alignment, there is
a great clap of thunder and the recipient is blown backwards, crackling
with wild energy for a short duration afterwards, and they feel
supremely powerful during this time).

- - Reynir: The bloodpower of the scion virtually drains away from the
body (torso), the soft emerald green rivulets of power trickling into
the cracks/undergrowth/crevices of the surrounding earth within a matter
of moments (if bloodtheft occurred, the green rivulets flow up the
instrument of death and under the skin of the arms to dissappear in the
recipients body, eyes briefly glowing an emerald green (ala the black
oil in the X-files). The recipient feels more *alive* for awhile
afterwards, and all senses are heightened for the duration. Note, if
the bloodtheif is of evil alignment, this transfer of power feels
slimey, like there is a million slugs slithering all over them. It is a
most uncomfortable feeling, and only abates when Reynir's essence has
been thoroughly corrupted and polluted by the new possesor's evil

- - Brenna: Brenna's bloodline leaves very little indication that a
transference of power occurred. The scion's bloodpower leaves the body
in the barest tendrils of the blackest black, darker than obsidian;
indeed, its more a *feeling* of the transfer occurence. Best described
as 'the hair standing on end'/electrified feeling one gets when near
high voltage currents (or, if bloodtheft occurs, it really IS ala the
black oil in the Xfiles appearance). During the transfer, the recipient
feels a burning cold but, strangely, long afterwards feels flushed and
entoxicated at the same time, like they just had the most intense s---,
well, you know what I mean right?!?). ;) Brenna's essense does not
distinguish between alignments).

- - Basaia: The former scion bursts into flame from the release of the
intense divine essense of the sun goddess, leaving only a fine powdery
ash of the former godling (effect dependant upon the bloodline strength
of the former scion - tainted would leave a burned corpse, whereas a
great strength reducing it as per above). (If bloodtheft occurs, the
recipient *also* temporarily bursts into flame, but is little harmed by
the transfer - except perhaps in requiring a new wardrobe! (modesty
being maintained all the while, of course!) ;) Recipient feels hot and
flushed afterwards, full of energy and action. If of evil alignment,
the bloodthief feels like their blood is boiling, and relief comes only
slowly to the recipient (until the essense is thoroughly polluted by
their evil disposition)).

- - Masela: Wave after wave of radiant actinic energy rushes out of the
dying scion, all the intense emotions of the scion's last moment of life
pulsing out with it! All those touched/in the vicinity of the release
of bloodpower experience every intense emotion, from hatred to love,
ranging the full spectrum of the specie's capacity for feeling them, but
beyond any extreme most mortals have ever felt. The last emotions are
almost always pain, sorrow, and agony, however, and most scions bless
that they never feel this transference of power. Every scion who has
ever felt Masela's essence describe it most like the pain and agony that
is associated with forciful devestiture and/or bloodtheft [or giving
birth! ;)]. (If bloodtheft occurs, there is no mercy for the thief.
The killer feels *only* the pain and agony of his deed, and the
recipient is incapacitated long afterwards by painful cramps, nausea
(sea sickness), and during the act, the feeling that every fiber of
their person is being pulled in every direction at the same time).
[Note: the picture on the front of the BoP, IMO, shows the transfer of
the essence of Masela to a scion]. Masela's essense does not
distinguish between alignments - all types feel the same pain and

- - Vorynn: A soft white light surrounds the dying scion, and gradually
fades into nothingness within the heavens (much like Anduiras' effect).
(If bloodtheft occurs, the recipient is surrounded by a white, wispy
halo, much like the faerie fire spell, and feels the utmost calm and
serenity that the being has probably ever felt in their life. It is
reported that visions often come to the recipient afterwards. Oddly
enough, the effect of Vorynn's essense does not change when the
recipient is of evil alignment. However, evil bloodthieves always feel
an odd sense of foreboding for a long while after the transfer, and the
uneasy sense that they will come to regret their actions. Indeed, it is
said that the evil scion cannot shake the feelings of doubt and
uncertainty that haunt their every thought thereafter).


- - Azrai: This is the traditional lightening effect, the most grandiose
display (as is proper for the former god of pride!). Lightning sparks
and arcs from the dying scion's heart/torso into the ground surrounding
them and into the heavens above. Of course, Azrai's 'curse' is the most
widely known of all the bloodlines, and is the type most associated with
bloodtheft throughout Cerilia. Curiously, even during bloodtheft or
proper investiture ceremonies, accounts state that Azrai's essense seems
to strike and imbue godly essense into nearby living creatures or
inanimate objects, seemingly at random, despite the intentions of the
bloodthief or investiture priest! One can never be sure what to expect
when dealing with the Bloodpower of the Supreme Shadow ... (If
bloodtheft occurs, the recipient is zapped (ala the Highlander series;
or, for a BR original, I always refer to the death of The Sinister pic
in Blood enemies), but a transfer of power is never assured. The DM is
free here to do as they please, shocking the recipient with damage while
giving them the power; *OR*, the other extreme: even taking the
bloodline of the bloodthief along with it into the ground and/or another
being! (if corruption does not occur, there is a chance that thats the
way I play it! ;) MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!)

(Fortunately for my players, none of them have been stupid enough to
commit bloodtheft on an awnsheghlien)

Me (The Supreme Trickster!)