The making of a Railroad Tycoon map has been recently discussed and
since seems that no one has even the .pcx needed, I'm asking for help
from anyone (no RT2 required). In making maps, the map editor takes a
grays pcx file and uses the pixle's darkess as terrain height (white in
really high, black is ocean-bottom). If anyone would be so kind as to
take a map of cerilia (or even one region) and make it into a
topographical (terrain level, right word I hope) map in grayscale with
white being mountian-tops like those in the G's Crown and black being
the bottom of oceans (I can always invert it if I mixed those up). I
hope someone will do this, I'd be ever so grateful.

Oh, I am currently working on a Caesar III map of the Imperial City.
I'll let you know when I'm done.

- -Andrew

It's so fun incorperating BR stuff into other games...