If the campaign is high fantasy, try a Pegasus
For durability, perhaps a Rhino (it's also been done before). Good for the
charge, but lousy at high speed turning :~)


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>In my own campaigns, I have always like the paladin "equerry" kit - from the
>paladins handbook. Especially as seen as I tend to play a bit on the
>"lethal" side.
>Anyway - as a suggestion..
>If flying mounts are allowed, try a griffon, for a land mount... maybe a
>great lion as seen as Tyr, or maybe an Oliphant as seen as your cmpaign
>appears a bit "high magic"
>From: Trizt
>>Hi everyone
>>I'm sorry that this message aren't related to BR, but it's still AD&D.
>>I hope all answer will come as private e-mail to me (trizt@iname.com).
>>A player of mine is runing a FR-campaign and one of the player
>>characters is a paladin to Tyr.
>>He waited to call for his mount untill he was level 6 (most of the
>>adventures has been around waaterdeep area plus som undermountain). The
>>problems is that the DM don't know what he will give as mount (the
>>campaign has been a bit high magic, so a normal horse isn't what he
>>thinks is right and a dragon would be a bit to powerful).
>>So if someone here on the list has good suggestions for a mount, please
>>write to me.
>> //Trizt

.....this may not be BR related, but it's closer than the metric thread!