Samuel Weiss wrote:

> There have been several rounds of discussion on Non-Blooded Regents. Perhaps
> that is exactly what WOTC is looking for. A way for the rules on domain
> rulership to be used by everyone, in every setting. that way, "Core BR"
> products are universally useful, and even adventures can crossover. "Cerilia
> Setting" products then simply have an extra line in PC/NPC descriptions,
> that of the "Bloodline-for use with Cerilia Campaigns".
> Or maybe not. Just a thought.
> Samwise

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I've attached a couple of
previous discussions on the subject for anyone interested. The initial
discussion was back in September '98.

Ed Stark wrote:

> Some material for BR is being/has been converted for other use.
> ... material will probably be presented as "core" or "optional" AD&D
> material in the near (next year or the year after) future. We've discussed
> releasing the Cerilian "world" as a sourcebook, the BR domain rules as a
> universal AD&D "kings" system, and we've had other ideas.

Thanks for the update Ed, it's always nice to hear from you. On the
subject of presenting BR material as "core" or "optional", how about the
Shadow World material TSR had planned? Could the Shadow World be presented
as a combination Birthright/Ravenloft product? Perhaps the Shadow World
could be looked at as a parallel "continent" from the standard Ravenloft
Domains of Dread. Everything else about your planned presentation could
stay pretty much the same as intended. I'm not all that familiar with the
Ravenloft setting, but I've seen a number of posts suggesting the SW and RL
have similar "feels".

The adventure that was planned could still start out and end in Cerilia,
hopefully getting some Ravenloft players interested in the best world TSR
has ever produced. Maybe the Shadow World part of Ravenloft is easier to
get into and out of than the core RL domains, encouraging movement between
Cerilia and the SW for RL players. For that matter, I'll bet they'd jump
at the chance to play dark lord regents in the SW........

This, of course, wouldn't be my first choice. The Shadow World would
ideally be presented as a Birthright-only supplement. But if it's a choice
between letting Ravenloft players in on the horrors of the Shadow World or
not getting the information at all, I'd gladly share some of the darkness
with them.

Morgramen wrote:
> Well said Craig. The Ravenloft crossover idea would not be among my list of
> top 5 'love to see' either, but if it will draw more folks into the all time
> best Campaign World in published history, I too will make room on the bench.

> I think the 'Core Rules' transformation and the 'Kings' optional rules is a
> grand idea. Everyone wins. We BR die hards get our new (and hopefully
> improved) rules, TSR gets to make money off a product that would otherwise take
> up shelf (or disk??) space, and the Ravenloft/FR folks unwittingly get drawn
> into the Birthright world.....muhhhHHAHAHAHAH! Which completes the circle, and
> Birthright is born again! (At least, in theory).

Now it is my turn to agree. I have long thought it made sense for TSR to
publish generic rules for Domain rulership for the base AD&D game, and that
it would help the Birthright product line. Here's why.

1st- People who buy these Domain rules are going to think, "Wow, what a
great idea. Instead of sitting around waiting for Elminster and the 7
Sisters to take care of all the big tasks, I can play a king or regent
wizard who can impact the entire campaign." However, when they try the
rules with FR, DL, DS, RL, or whatever, they'll find it doesn't work too
well (unfortunately, it might work better for Greyhawk - hopefully, no one
will figure that out). The nations in those worlds are too big, too
static, and too non-confrontational. So, they'll need a campaign world
designed for these rules....

2nd- Relaunch Cerilia at the same time. Let it be known that it's the
ideal campaign to use in a Domain rulership campaign. But, also let it be
known that it's a grand campaign world perfect for traditional adventures.
Be sure to emphasize the different nature of elves and the involvement of
goblins and orogs in the campaign world. Also let it be known that Cerilia
and the Shadow World tie in with RL. Release a Cerilian adventure and a SW
adventure that are completely appropriate for both regents and
non-regents. Thus, you interest all the BR fans, many of the people who
like the generic Domain rulership rules, and some of the people who like

3rd- Release a piece of software that is designed to take care of many of
the domain tracking functions. Have Cerilia as the default world (maybe
include some Cerilian printed material with it or have Cerilian info. on
the disk?), but let it be flexible so it can be used for other worlds.
This would make the BR campaign MUCH less daunting.