Although this is rather off topic for BR, it does apply to most Americans on
this list, I suppose, and thus I feel I should share what I know. I believe
that the information is partly incorrect and definitely out of date due to the
way rumors, etc. get spread on the 'net (the many virus hoaxes, for example).
The issue debated by congress was whether accessing the internet or selling
over the internet could be taxed. They voted a couple of weeks ago that it
could be taxed. There are no plans to tax the 'net in the near future,
however. Congress wants to see how the internet develops first...they don't
want to adversly effect any possible commercial uses. For more information go
the following CNN page:

Anyway, that is how I understand the situation.

Dearnen wrote:

> Subject: cnn email long distance charge
> >
> >CNN reported that in the next two weeks, Congress is going to vote on
> >allowing telephone companies to charge for Internet access. That means,
> >every time we make a long distance e-mail we will receive a long
> >distance charge. This will get costly. Please visit to the following
> web
> >site AND complain. Complain to your Congressman. Don't allow this to
> >pass.