Though I have no hard info written down, in creating the history of an
ancient blade for one of my PCs (I'm a Jordan fan and have imported the
Warders) I went so far as to have the weapon be the former choice weapon of
the man who created the Warders for the Servants of the Light, a semi-secret
organization dedicated to the gods Anduiras, Basaia, and Reynir.

Drachalan was at one time a captain of the Black Guard of Aduria, an elite
fighting force charged with the protection of Azrai while he was living
amonst the mortals. Though the god needed nothing of the sort, he fed his
vanity by surrounding himself with these guardians. So the Black Guard also
served the nobility of Aduria and protected them from harm as well. Got
more work to do on them.

I compared the Black Guard to Sidhe Braelechiem's Cadre of the Golden Leaf.
That's all I have thought of them for the moment is a name, and the fact
that they are elite soldiers.

Use this for what you all will :)