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Thread: 12 tribes

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    12 tribes

    Jim Cooper wrote:

    > Tommy Ashton wrote:
    > > Yeah, the Irone Throne is the best bet for these Duchies, but part of the original question that I have wondered about for a very long time is what were the original 12 TRIBES.<
    > Well, the only official one we know of is the 5th tribe: the Deretha.
    > The others we are just going to have to make up.

    Well I was reading some BR product (BoP I think) and I found the old name of the Bouruine family, the Boru or something like that. Page 118-119 of the BoP under
    Haelyn's Rampart. House Bouruine's pre-Diesmaar (and shortly post) was Boru.

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    Jim Cooper

    12 tribes

    Tommy Ashton II wrote:
    > > Well, the Mhora is the third tribe

    Do you remember where you found that?!? I'm interested in the source
    (because I'm working on the Pre-Deismaar portion of my campaign right
    now, and could use all the official reference material I can get!) :D


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