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Thread: Khinasi Names

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    Khinasi Names

    Just for fun, here are some translations of Khinasi names from Arabic. If a
    province isn't in the below list, then I didn't find any meaning for its

    Ariya: to be naked
    Assarif: the squeaking
    Djef el-Kadir: roiled corpse

    Binsada: ?
    Andujar: stubborn hump
    Ber Dairas: land of the students
    Ghouref: rooms
    Moura: Morea/Peloponnessus
    el-Tasri: acceleration

    Agradil: unripe brother-in-law
    Akhada: to receive
    Bair el-Tehara: sea of purity
    Irbouda: place where animals lie down to rest
    Khousaba: fertility
    Meid Ain: eye field
    Meid Tarvai: fresh field
    Seif el-Avarra: defective sword

    Aftane: the smartest or the most attractive
    Adaba: to entertain
    Ber Tarva: fresh land
    Dourat: procession
    Jeifel: startled
    Kafrin: hamlet
    Oused: pillow
    Seidre: lotus tree

    Sendoure: ?
    Baiyuda: egg-laying
    Serir Rigal: throne of men
    Shirshet: root
    Sulaia: forgotten
    Tinsouf: blasted

    Tarvan Waste: fresh waste
    Aghedir: Aghadir (city in Morocco)
    el-Kesir: the broken
    Mesel: honeyed
    Rafr: blindfold
    Ras Bedra: cape of the treasure hoard or cape of full moon
    el-Sefra: the journey or the whistle or the bile or the void
    Tawir: condition

    Zikala: ?
    Alhazir: the yard
    Deired: toothless
    Ghada: breakfast
    Houran: stubbornness
    el-Tehara: purity

    Mesire: progress or intestines or travel
    Namal: itch

    el-Besr: vision

    Djira: neighborhood
    Alarin: the lion's lair
    Meid Assada: lion field
    el-Qadr: the value
    Ras Assad: lion cape
    Ras Ghul: cape of the ghoul
    Seiria: strap

    Djafra: divination
    Cape Hamah: cape sludge or crown cape
    el-Deyir: the monastery
    Djin Belim: djinn anchovy
    Fhirda: gap
    Ras Dhoumaire: cape thinness
    Sahaiad: insomnia

    Khourane: ?
    Adeid: numerous
    Ayandir: home of the eye
    Ber Djin: land of djinn
    Ber Falaia: land of the spotted dung beetle
    Ras Mhin: despicable cape
    Sahadein: two insomniacs
    el-Sirte: the path
    South Ibnoume: south son of a swimmer
    Zulaf: bootlicking

    Mour el-Sirad: ?
    Ghourin: mud

    Min Dhousai: ?
    Almein: the loyal
    Toure el-Fasil: dividing mountain
    West Ibnoume: west son of a swimmer

    el-Assire: the prisoner or the difficult or the juice

    Ghamoura: to be abundant
    Alcamar: the belt

    Mairada: to rebel or to be sick

    Maze of Maalvar
    Cape Aswir: cape of bracelets
    Beid: wilderness or eggs
    Ras Nabil: exalted cape
    el-Saroume: the sharp

    Merasaf: delayed supplies
    Ber Mera: land of supplies
    Cape Rahel: cape demise or flabby cape
    Marhab: greeting
    Point Qasar: point laziness
    Ras Chedin: cape of the gazelle

    Avani: intermediate or decaying or timely or stupid
    Halaia: to adorn
    Khirdai: virgin
    Nasri: victory or eagle
    Sarma: old shoes

    Aleksei Andrievski
    aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
    aka Azure Star Dragon

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    Pieter Sleijpen

    Khinasi Names


    Sarma is an old shoe... Ha ha ha ha

    Erm...not much sense in those names...unless Avani is rather ironical

    Pieter Sleijpen

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