Let's try this for a change:

I am running a Muden centred campaign. Was looking for a way to persuade the
PC's to go on an adventure in The Vampire's Hold. I'll post the maps and
details when finished, as I am in the process of writing this all up right

Plot Overview:

Grumvold, the captain of the dwarven mercenaries in Muden returns to
Brechlen (perhaps while accompanying the Regent on a trip within the
domain - routine body guard duty). The PC's later over-hear the Dwarven
Captain screaming in the Count's palace, apparently in a vicious fight with
the dwarven 2nd in command.

The fight is broken up, and the Dwarven Captain explains to the Regent that
Mubold Spikestone has left with three other dwarves on an adventure!! (of
all things) - about a week ago.

Some Guilder has put fanciful tales of the mineral riches of The Vampire's
Hold into the young dwarf's head. Bored by life in Brechlenand their dreams
fueld by dreams of vast riches, Mubold and three younger dwarves have gone
off to seek out some mines in the Vampire's Hold.

The problem for the regent is that - unbeknownst to the Regent - Mubold is
the newphew of the Thane of Baruk-Azhik. If news of the death of the
Thane's nephew (whilst ostensibly in the safe soft cushy service of the
Count of Muden) reaches Mubold's mother (the Thane's sister), there will be
HELL to pay. Most certainly - this will result in the recall of the Dwarven
Mercenaries and much loss of prestige for the Count. Any worries that the
Swordhawk may have that the Count of Muden has an alliance with the Dwarven
Realm will be dispelled. Worse, the Swordhawk will then be able to commit
forces to bear on Treucht/Muden that he has held in reserve to counter the
supposed Dwarven threat of Baruk-Azhik.

The Regent must get Mubold back before he gets himself killed in the
Vampire's Hold.

A ship along the coast of Massenmarch to speed the race to the Vampie's Hold
is ruled out - the Dwarves may be run into trouble in Masenmarch and they
PC's would never know until it was too late. The Regent and the rest of the
PC's must travel through Treucht, thence through Massenmarch on the heels of
Mubold's party - slowly closing the gap along the way as (the Dwarves DID
have a weeks' head start).

On the border of the Vampire's Hold, at a trading village frequented by
merchant's who ship food to the Hold, they meet up with a Guilder who will
sell/trade valuable information about strange rubies from an abondoned mine
in the Vampire's Hold. While the Guilder denies it - further inquiry reveals
the Dwarves certainly spoke with
the Guilder but three days ago.

The Guilder - when pressed by the Count, reveals his only sample of the gem
stones from the mine. The gems are Tighcorien (Bloodstone). Through
investiture, a blooded character can invest part of his strength in the
stones. The merchant does not know what the stones are, but the PC's may
suspect that Tighcorien is one of the key ingredients in making Tighmaevril.

If true - the Vampire would have every reason to keep such a find secret.
The Vampire has no need of Tighmaevril and every reason to keep his natural
advantage and to prevent the spread of bloodsilver throughout Cerilia.
orse - for the Vampire - the news of Tighcorien in the Vicissitudes would
bring the armies of the Gorgon and Swordhawk swooping down on his small and
rather insignificant realm.

After a 1,000 years - the Vampire's Hold would become a priority for all
Regents. THAT is not on the Vampire's menu. No wonder the sages and
prospector's who seek out the mineral deposits of the Vicissitudes never

The PC's must sneak across the border, locate the abondoned mine, defeat the
Vampire's guards on the mine - find the dwarves before they are food for the
Vampire - and perhaps will come to learn the truth of the Tighcorien mine.

Will post the .pdf link when it is finished - should be two weeks or so left
for the maps and encounter keys.