Samuel Weiss wrote:
> *SIGH*
> As always, you Canadians confuse playing well with playing unfairly.
> And always remember, "He who has the gold, makes the rules."
> Get some, and you can feel free to change them. :)<


Unfortunately, the only way to get any gold in the modern cutthroat
world of economics IS to play dirty. And Amerikans excel at that. Heh
:D. Take that, Unreformed Imperialist! :)

NB: I was sittin' in on the APEC inner conference meetings in 1997 here
in Victoria and I saw what really goes on behind closed doors. Man,
China and the American delegation sure were slugging it out in
accusations - China played a moral trump card though, and well the room
was kinda quiet after that and no one was siding with the Amerikan del.
after that - well, except the Kiwis (y'know, like Ian is ... wait a
minute, isn't he an Oz?!? Well, no matter, Kiwis and Aussies are very
similiar aren't they? NOT!!! Case in point, darkstar!!!! See what I
mean? Calling us similar to Americans is the same as us calling you
guys Kiwis! But I will be nice. After all, Canada is one of our better client states.

My point exactly! But do we get any respect or friendly jestures?!?
Well, just watch how fast things could change if we started to shut off
all the electricity we pump down there, for example, or fishing our
potential in the Pacific Northwest or Eastern seaboard!

Not like thats ever going to happen though, cause our stupid
gov'ts ALWAYS brown nose the White House, god knows why ...

P.S (Sorry, Ian, had to change the thread from something other than
alignment and magic, and I figured we were several months overdue on our
little flame-fest tradition. This is fun, cause we Canucks really don't
have any beefs against anyone else in the world! So it was a natural
step). :)