Interesting stuff from KG. Thanks for the info. I didn't know the Irish
believed in a "final battle" scenario -- I'll have to see if I can cross-
reference this info with source material here at the University. Was this
adopted from the time of the Norse invasions of Ireland and integrated into
their society? I haven't studied their history past the eighth century (not
useful to my current project).

Your I-E religion references are interesting to me, and I hear echoes of this
same information in Isaac Bonewits writings (of all places!). I'll try to
learn more of this on my own later, if I have time. I have a hundred minor
questions I won't bore the list with.

Incidentally, "realistic magic" fans out there --- there is a game supplement
out there, good for any gaming system in which I. Bonewits puts a great deal
of effort into quantifying real world magic systems in such a way it can be
used to generate more believable role-play game systems. It's produced by
Steve Jackson Games and is called _Thaumaturgy_ or similar.