Sorry if this ends up on the list twice, but I sent it 12 hours ago and
haven't seen the message come up yet. What those of us with small town
ISPs must endure....

Greetings all,
I'd be grateful if someone could help with a bloodline question that I
recently came across. A regent in one of the BR sourcebooks is listed with
a Great bloodline but a very low bloodline score. I asked Ed Stark if that
was what he intended, and he said yes. He was kind enough to send the
following reply:

Ed Stark wrote:
- -snip-
> Yes, that's what I intended. There's a mystery there, basically. I'll give
> you a hint (that will probably give at least part of it away). There is a
> way to pass along a bloodline that confers the bloodline's strength (as in
> Minor, Major, Great) but gives the recipient only 1 point.

The regent in question was originally non-blooded and gained this bloodline
by killing a scion. I hate to be a dumby, but I haven't been able to
figure out what Ed's referring to. How does a commoner kill a scion and
gain his bloodline strength but only a 1 RP bloodline score?

Thanks in advance for any help