Greetings all,
I'd be grateful if someone could help with a bloodline question that I
recently came across. A regent in one of the BR sourcebooks is listed with
a Great bloodline but a very low bloodline score. I asked Ed Stark if that
was what he intended, and he said yes. He was kind enough to send the
following reply:

Ed Stark wrote:
- -snip-
> Yes, that's what I intended. There's a mystery there, basically. I'll give
> you a hint (that will probably give at least part of it away). There is a
> way to pass along a bloodline that confers the bloodline's strength (as in
> Minor, Major, Great) but gives the recipient only 1 point.

I hate to be a dummy, but I haven't been able to figure out what he's
referring to. How does a commoner kill a scion and gain his bloodline
strength but only a 1RP bloodline score?

Thanks in advance for any help