The 12 blazons of the Cerilian gods are up at

Ruornil used a non-standard tincture (midnight blue?), so given a choice
between blue and black, I used Medoere as a guide and went with blue.

I employed standard tinctures as much as possible, though the blazons
violate a few Europeans rules. Nevertheless Cerilian rules can be
1) same tincures are permited on same tincture. Avani is Gold on Gold.
2) Black is noble Sable, but Iron. Iron is a favored substance in Cerilia,
or so the multitude of names with that word would so indicate. Iron can be
used on metalic (Gold and Silver) or Colored (Red, Blue, Green, Purple)
levels, otherwise colors cannot go on colors and metals cannot go on metals.
Iron, therefore is a kind of trump tincture.
3) Levels seem to be ignored in some of the realm blazons (Medoere is
particularly bad) and the effect is to make decifering the meaning of the
blazon impossible. I would advise not placing charges on top of charges in
an irregualr way. Believe it or not, most blazons are one single charge
upon a field. A fair percentage are divided once, a clear minority are
quartered. Crazy blazons with 16, 32, 64, or even 256 quarterings are for
geneological purposes. In the most complicated cases used for
identification, a field is quarters and a sub-ordinary is placed in the
center allowing 5 charges to be displayed. Most Cerlian blazons are quite

Kenneth Gauck

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