Can anyone give me some good ideas for when I roll up an Intrigue or
Matter of Justice as a random event for a PC regent? The descriptions of
both those random events are pretty vague to me and I can't think of
anything good for them. If it helps any, here's some info about the PCs

Josimir "the Varsk" Monovski (male Vos fighter with Azrai blood): has
claimed the provinces of Abbatuor, Caercas, Duerlin, Edlin, and Ilien as
his own. Dubbed his realm Varskied. Has recently invaded the province of
Caerwil in Medoere with the help of the Stormlord's Fist. In Varskied, he
_is_ the law. Has a non-aggression pact with Roesone (which consists of
Bellam, Ghoried, and Fairfield), but this is sure to faulter now that
Varskied has invaded Roesone's ally, Medoere. Aerenwe is also an ally of
Medoere and Roesone, but has only a small army and does not wish to
expand. Roesone, however, is in dire need of expansion indeed. Of note
is also that Varskied originally had an agreement with Medoere to offer
military support in case of an attack from Diemed - their attack took
Medoere by surprise. Varskied has Roesone, Medoere, and the now landless
Rogr Aglondier as its enemies. His blood abilities include Battlewise.
The capital of Varskied is the city of Delaen in Duerlin.

Merc the Merciless (male Anuirean priest of Cuiraecen with Anduiras
blood): worshipper of Cuiraecen and archpriest of the Stormlord's Fist,
which he founded himself in Varskied. The Stormlord's Fist is the state
religion of Varskied but hasn't been officially recognized as such. The
Stormlord's Fist has become the official state religion in Roesone though,
in exchange for 3 GB of tribute to Roesone per domain turn. The
Stormlord's Fist has currently supplied Varskied with troops a plenty to
support their war against Medoere. Is on good terms with Marlae Roesone,
but this may change soon in the light of current actions. The Impregnable
heart of Haelyn is the chief opponent of the Stormlord's Fist, but, with
the support of both Varskied and Roesone to the latter religion, has seen
its power dwindle dramatically. Naturally, Ruornil's Celestial Spell has
also become an enemy of the Stormlord's Fist. The largest temple of the
Stormlord's Fist is located in Duerlin.

Matthaus "the Ferret" Blauschildt (male Brecht thief with Brenna blood):
entrepeneur extraordinair and head of Ferret Enterprises and
Reconnaisance. Has recently installed one of his lieutenants - named
Caern (a male Anuirean thief) as a vassal and gave him three guilds and
two accompanying trade routes located in safe zones of little dispute.
Has provided Varskied with a small amount of money and the Stormlord's
Fist with information on troop movements in Diemed to support them in
their war. In exchange, they have promised to burn down the holdings of
other guilders in Medoere. Is on friendly terms with both Heirl Diem and
Suris Enlien, but for how long remains to be seen. Has not openly shown
his support for the war. Orthien Tane, El-Hadid, and Guilder Kalien all
dispise him and regularly try to undermine his enterprise, but thusfar
without any significant success. Matthaus Blauschildt can assume Shadow
Form. He rules from the province of Duerlin.

Gannelganwn (male Sidhelien wizard with Azrai blood): controls almost all
of the magic in Varskied and a lot of it in the Erebannien as well.
Naturally, this has lead to conflict with High Mage Aelies, but so far
this hasn't led to open warfare yet. Is trying to create a network of ley
lines, but is hampered by the fact that High Mage Aelies is pestering his
sources in the Erebannien. Had a slight quarrel with Marlae Roesone,
because she reduced one of his sources by ruling one of her provinces.
However, she has apologized to him and the two are on neutral terms now.
Marlae Roesone is trying to see if they can perhaps get on better terms,
since she feels she will need all the magical protection she can get, for
she is simply not able to maintain an army strong enough to defend her
realm against both Varskied and Ghoere. After loosing most of his sources
to Gannelganwn, Rogr Aglondier gave his remaining ones to High Mage
Aelies, who in return recruited the former count and his daughter as
lieutenants. Rogr Aglondier is dying to get even with both Varskied and
Gannelganwn, while High Mage Aelies just wants to see Gannelganwn
disappear from the Erebannien. Gannelganwn occupies the Stormtower in
Abbatuor. He has Bloodform (Major) as one of his blood abilities, but
this hasn't manifested yet, as he has used his powers only sparingly.

I hope you people can do something with this. Any suggestions whatsoever,
wether or not for the random events mentioned above, are always welcome.
Ideas for Gannelganwn's bloodform are also appreciated.

- the Falcon