>9) Raids from Ghoere, or perhaps a true invasion, now that Diemed has
>secretly allied with the Iron Duke to bring down the whole South Coast
>of Anuire? Woo-hoo!
Kinda of expanding on this idea, what if the Orthodox Imperial Church in
Diemed, still having it in for the IHH after all these years, agrees to
send agents (Haelyn's priests) to infiltrate the IHH and cause disruptions
(assassination, agitations, etc.) in the name of the IHH. The IHH declares
its innocence showing its past support for the Black Barons, but still the
Baroness may think that there might be some theocratic ambitions in the
high priest, so she sends for a fairly independent agent from Meodore to
investigate at which time the High Priestess assigns the lowly 1st level
priest the job. This could lead to some great roleplaying as the IHH must
allows the priest to investigate but hinders at all levels. (Think Brother
Caldwell Mysteries)