Here is a calendar for Khinasi that I developed for use in my new PBEM.
Maybe other people will be interested in it as well.

Day of Rebirth
Followers of Sarma celebrate the start of spring and trading season.
Followers of Khirdai celebrate beginning of storm season.

11: Foundation date of the city of Saria (later Ariya).
23: Foundation date of Sendoure.

8: Foundation date of Mesire by Faroud el-Mesir.
16: Followers of Khirdai celebrate beginning of campaign season.

8: Founding date of Besaïam.
32: Birth of el-Arrasi.

Halaïa's Festival:
Followers of Halaïa and Khirdai celebrate their patrons' glory.

12: Foundation date of Khourane.

12: Birthday of Nurida el-Dey├*r, who founded the temple of Avani in the
Docandragh region.

7: Foundation date of Merasaf.
22: Battle of Deismaar, Ascension of Avani and other gods.

Veneration of the Sleeping

Shahr el-Tenil
14: Foundation of the Basarji Federation by el-Arrasi and beginning of the
Basarji Revolution against Anuire.

16: Followers of Rilni celebrate the Autumn Equinox.

Shahr el-Menir
32: Followers of Belinik engage in rites of unspeakable violence and terror.

Eve of the Dead:
Followers of Nasri honor the memories of those who have died, and remember
the Masetians.
Followers of Rilni hold rituals to keep the Shadow World at bay.

24: Completion of Ber Dairas in Binsada.

16: End of Basarji Revolution and independence day for most Basarji states.

17: Foundation date of Min Dhousai.

Aleksei Andrievski
aka Solmyr, Archmage of the Azure Star
aka Azure Star Dragon