>Gee, I didn't know god had gold in his heart... ;)
>My, that missionary sure must've had a heart of gold if he had more gold
>in his heart than god... ;)


Well, one thing that will stick with me is a characterization by a cynical
teacher, being that the original explorers (read "exploiters") of the New
World had three things in their hearts: God, Glory, Gold.

In reality the order for most was Gold, Glory, God...

In history there have been a great many atrocities committed in the name of
God, and that is the unfortunate misrepresentation of God by the flawed
character of Man. Some will try to fault Christianity based on this, and
point to the Old Testament, but they fail to understand that the God of the
Hebrews was not a God of love and forgiveness, but of justice and judgement.
That incarnation of God required intermediaries and sacrifices in order for
his children to be welcomed. After the Messiah, that changed.

It almost seems demeaning to suggest that this event can be used to further
role-playing, rather I should say that attention to history and events and
impressing those elements into your game can make the game for enjoyable.
In example, I can hardly imagine that the events at Deismaar allowed the
religions to remain unchanged. So what changed? What was different between
worship of Haelyn and worship of Anduiras? The text already does a great
job of incorporating ideological and political schism, as in RL, so who
knows... perhaps we can learn from the past.

Tim Nutting