Daniel McSorley wrote:
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> > From: Pieter A de Jong
> > >The one problem I have with this in the Spider's case is that the
> > >home-court advantage is just to tenous. As a player, I could see myself taking the Spiders realm in 2 or 3 turns. Simply set forest fires. Lots of them.
> > >Follow the fires in and fortify the burned areas. Make him come to you, or loose his realm a bite at a time.
> > Your brave men set fire to the lands, which burns out a couple of acres. They set up camp, and prepare to repeat the procedure soon. In the middle of the night, hundreds of black widow/ brown recluse/ Cerilian red spiders come crawling into camp, and no one wakes up the next morning...<

This will never happen in my campaign. IMC, The Spiderfell absolutely
WILL NOT burn - even wood taken from here retains this property (and
which also explains why it is considered the best wood in Cerilia).
Moreover, the growth of the forest is phenomenal, despite the fact that
practially no light reaches the forest floor. Lastly, its murder trying
to cut even one sapling down, as the bark is like iron. Its rumored
that many of the trees bleed too, if one cuts into them with an axe;
legend has it (IMC), that this was once the home of a tribe of ancient
elves, until the goblins came. The elves could not withstand the
'invasion', and so, instead of moving away from the their beloved home,
decided to transform themselves into the very trees they loved so dearly
in the hopes that the goblins would ignore them and move on. However,
the goblins came, stayed, and (as every elf will tell you) corrupted the
very breath of the land. Sadly, the elven spirits are tormented because
of this even in death. yadda yadda yadda.

Basically, to me this little bit of nature absolutely REFUSES to be
tamed, by neither axe nor hoe. It will resist the hand of man (or
non-elven others) forevermore ...