I have from time to time wondered if we are playing the game in the
way Rich & Colin originally had conceived. Of course I COULD be
missing some small item that would clear up some long standing
questions I have had but I don't think so.

Generally speaking I find that the non-landed regent* (hereafter
referred to as the NLR) is disadvantaged when dealing with the Landed
regents (hereafter referred to as the LR) in those Domains where the
NLR has holdings. No LR with half a brain is going to allow a NLR to
pose a threat to him or her. Thus the NLR will on average not have any
significant number of troops or fortified holdings that can be used
against the LR. The only exception to this that I have encountered to
date is when there is a state religion or an extreme amount of trust.

* Wizards are excepted because their power is more or less inviolate.

What good does it do a holder for instance to agitate against as cruel
overlord when the immediate response of the bastige is to smash you out
of his existance ? Your competition will be too busy scrambling to pick
up the choice bits of what you have lost to give you much in the way of
sympathy...,or aid. In effect this action is less useful than I think was
orginally intended.

But I COULD be wrong. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

Don Lail